Arthur Schopenhauer on what makes a writer immortal

By Ludwig Sigismund Ruhl — Schopenhauer-Archiv der Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main, Public Domain,

The misery of the job

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“Things people are unwilling to leave: they love the profits of misery even as they curse the miseries themselves.”


It’s on you

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“Your business is most of all with yourself: it is you that are the problem. You don’t know what you want. …

A release or an end

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“Death either consumes us or sets us free. If we are released, then better things await us once our burden is removed; if we are consumed, then nothing…

Four leadership lessons from Disney’s Bob Iger

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Success is built around trust

On Reason

Our minds

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“What links one human being to all humans: not blood, or birth, but mind.”


Your Role

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“If you undertake a role which is beyond your powers, you both disgrace yourself in that one, and at the same time neglect the role which you might have filled with success.”


How to Act

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“How to act:

Never under compulsion, out of selfishness, without forethought, with misgivings.

Don’t gussy up your thoughts. No surplus words or unnecessary actions.

Let the spirit in you represent a man, an adult, a…

Our soul

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“Ignoring what goes on in other people’s souls — no one ever came to grief that way. But if you won’t keep track of what your own soul’s doing, how can you not be unhappy?”



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“When you get an external impression of some pleasure, guard yourself, as with impressions in general, against being carried away by it; nay, let the matter wait upon your leisure, and give yourself a little…

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